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Famous People Who Have Filed Bankruptcy



Kim Bassinger - 1993 Bankruptcy. She couldn't pay the $8.5 million dollar judgment against her when she backed out of a movie contract.
Lorraine Bracco - Before landing her role in the Soprano's, she had a nasty and expensive custody battle with Harvey Keitel.
Gary Coleman - he found himself short of money in 1999 after losing an $18 million estate.
Redd Foxx - he didn't find it so funny when he filed a chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1983 owing millions to the IRS.
Sherman Hemsley - he stopped moving on up after a bad business investment and filed bankruptcy.
Grace Jones- tax man did it again, causing her to file bankruptcy in 1992.
Buster Keaton - 1934 bankruptcy
Jerry Lewis - filed a bankruptcy in Las Vegas in the '70's when stage bookings dried up.
Randy Quaid - 2000 bankruptcy.
Lynn Redgrave - 1994 bankruptcy.
Burt Reynolds -1996 chapter 11 bankruptcy including more than $100,000 owed to his toupee designer.
Mickey Rooney - came up short and filed bankruptcy in 1986 after having filed a previous bankruptcy in 1962.


Bruce Berenyi - 1991 bankruptcy.
Rocky Bleir - 1997 bankruptcy after 4 Super Bowls and a nasty divorce. I wonder which one caused the bankruptcy?
Bjorn Borg -1990 bankruptcy. Tennis great was not so great in business.
Rollie Fingers- 1989 bankruptcy.
Tony Gwynn -1987 bankruptcy.
Dorothy Hamill - 1996 bankruptcy.
Harmon Killebrew -1993 business bankruptcy.
Joe Louis - 1956 bankruptcy caused by gambling debt and IRS debt.
Harvey Martin - 1982
Denny McClain -1970 bankruptcy after being suspended from baseball.
Craig Morton - football star filed 2 bankruptcies.
Craig Nettles - filed bankruptcy in 1988, his last season as the slick NY Yankees third baseman.
Gaylord Perry - personal bankruptcy.
Reggie Roby - great football punter, lousy cookie maker filed bankruptcy in 1993 because of failed cookie franchise.
Leon Spinks -1986 bankruptcy for many reasons.
Roscoe Tanner - tennis great was not so great with his dealings with women. DNA test proved he was the daddy of 2 children and personal bankruptcy followed.
Lawrence Taylor - drug addiction landed this great football player in personal bankruptcy in 1998
Bryan Trottier - lost his money investing in an ice rink and filed bankruptcy in 1994
Johnny Unitus - filed for Chapter 11 protection after Baltimore failed to live up to monetary promises.
Danny White - great football player but so-so real estate man and filed chapter 7 bankruptcy in 1987 owing $13 million.


Melvin Belli - famed attorney filed bankruptcy in 1996
Peter Bogdonovitch - famous director filed bankruptcy in 1985
Francis Ford Coppola - the Godfather director filed personal bankruptcy in 1983.
Walt Disney - a company owed him money, went bankrupt and caused Disney to file bankruptcy in 1922.
James Folger - of Folger's Coffee fame filed bankruptcy in 1865.
Paulo Gucci - filed bankruptcy in 1993.
George Huntington Hartford II - A & P supermarket heir filed chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1992.
Nelson Bunker Hunt - once the world's richest man, filed the largest personal bankruptcy as of the date of filing in 1990.
Bowie Kuhn- Filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 1999 when his New York law firm closed its doors.
Marvin Mitchelson - famed "palimony" lawyer filed for personal bankruptcy in 1993.


John Connally - former Texas Governor and Treasury Secretary filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1987.
George McGovern - filed for bankruptcy in 1991 after his inn went out of business.


John Wayne Bobbitt: another bad slice of luck this guy who filed for personal bankruptcy in the 1990's
Morton Downey, Jr. - TV talk show host filed 5 bankruptcies.
Bernard Goetz - subway vigilante filed bankruptcy in 1996.
Margaux Hemingway - drugs and alcoholism led to bankruptcy in 1990.
E. Howard Hunt - helped bring President Nixon down and filed bankruptcy in 1995
Larry King - filed bankruptcies in 1971 and 1978.
Jackie Mason - bad investments in plays led to bankruptcy in 1983.
Pat Paulson - IRS troubles over winery business led to personal bankruptcy.
Anna Nicole Smith - legal costs over marriage to elderly heir forced her to file bankruptcy.
Gloria Vanderbilt - 1938 bankruptcy,


Toni Braxton - 1998
David Crosby - 1985.
Vic Damone - 1960's.
Eddie Fisher - 1972
Mick Fleetwood - 1984.
Marvin Gaye - 1070's.
Andy Gibb - 1987.
Merle Haggard - 1993.
MC Hammer - 1996.
Isaac Hayes - 1976.
Dr. Hook - 1970's.
Ronald Isley - 1998.
Latoya Jackson - 1995.
Cindy Lauper - 1981.
Jerry Lee Lewis - 1998.
Meat Loaf - 1983.
Wayne Newton - 1992.
Tom Petty - 1979.
Run DMC -Chapter 11 in 1993.
Tammy Wynette - 1988.




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